Help us win with integrity!

A government representative’s job is to serve the people.  One of the greatest flaws in our political system is campaign financing, which allows corporations and other large entities to donate millions of dollars to campaigns with expectations of quid-pro-quo from the official once elected.

Therefore, to make it clear who he serves, Rev. Summerville has taken the pledge to not accept any corporate/business PAC donations of any kind.  Only contributions from individuals will be accepted.

It’s going to be an uphill battle, for sure.  The establishment believes that only big money can win.  But that is simply not the case.  Money doesn’t cast votes – people do.  So as appreciative as we are to receive donations of any amount, it is more important to get the word out.  If you feel it is the right thing to do, please consider inviting up to five people that might be genuinely interested in supporting our cause to visit this website.

If you are inclined to donate, you can donate through one of several methods on this page.

Thank you for your consideration and support!